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We caught up with Bella Burke, known as @theplantbasedbella to her loyal followers, to find out how she finds balance and happiness in her life.

Hello Bella!

What is the meaning of a balanced lifestyle for you?
Tuning into your body. Balance means something different for everyone but for me it’s about balancing time with my daughter, eating well vs convenience, which is a necessity at times. Also, enjoying dinners out, but also enjoying working out.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
Peoples hearts are like butterflies - they will land on your open hand and keep coming back if you keep your hand open and nurture it. The moment you try to tighten your grip, to possess it, to trap it, the wings will be damaged. So... be gentle, be soft and trust in love.

You're stranded on a desert island- what's the one food you can't live without and would take?
Humous or chocolate - both are essential in my every day!

What was the main factor in your decision to go Vegan?
Living compassionately - why harm another sentient being when you can thrive without.

Yoga or HIIT?

What's your favourite spot in London?
Wulf & Lamb and Sticks n’ Sushi

What are the ingredients to make your perfect day?
My daughter, a workout at BXR or Evolution LDN. A walk down by the river with my golden retriever and a homemade Lentil Bolognese with a pile of spaghetti!

Chocolate or Peanut Butter?

Which books have influenced your growth most?
Why Love Matters by Sue Gerhardt,
The Five Languages of love by Gary Chapman
Rising Strong by Brene Brown
Loveability by Robert Holden PHD
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
The Universe has your back & Miracles Now by @gabbybernstein
How to be an Adult in relationships by David Richo

What is a highlight from 2019 so far?
I walked part of the Camino Way from San Sebastián to Bilbao- 25km a day, with my dad in May. It was the first time my father and I have spent more than a few hours alone together so I’m really excited to have time to build and connect with my dad.

Thank you again Bella for your precious time and letting us get to know you better. We can’t wait to add all those books to our holiday beach read list!



Hello Lucy!

What is the meaning of a balanced lifestyle?

I am all about balance! For me, the main thing is my mental health. There’s no point going to the gym and eating well if my mental health isn’t the same. I eat well and exercise to give myself more confidence, more energy for the day, and making feel better about things. For balance, I love going out with my friends, going out on the weekend, or enjoying a cocktail. But equally I love getting in the gym, exercising hard and eating well. I really think it’s about not putting pressure on yourself and enjoying things as you do and not feeling guilty. If you want a takeaway or if you want to go out, enjoy it and get back to it the next day.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
It’s quite simple; always follow your gut. I am such a true believer and advocate of this. You know yourself best out of anyone, you know how you’re feeling, and I really do believe that your gut tells you what you should and should not be doing. There are decisions along the way, it’s always nice to know feedback from others but you know yourself, and that is what I was going for, follow your gut instinct.

You're stranded on a desert island- what's the one food you can't live without and would take?
It has to be coconut oil. I love this stuff, and this is why I started of Lucy Bee. On an island as well you could use it in your hair, use it as an after sun, you could take off your makeup (except you probably wouldn’t be wearing any), you can cook with it or have it straight. Coconut oil all the way!

Yoga or HIIT?
It has to be HIIT because for me, you know as I said for my mental health, I get anxiety, I get stressed easily, I worry about a lot of things and starting my day with a good HIIT workout really really helps to banish any worries or any tension for the day I’ve got ahead. Of course I do love yoga. I’ve only just started and I think I’m a pro already but I am really not haha.

What's your favourite spot in London?
I recently went to Coal Office in Kings Cross and I love the different foods- the pomegranate, aubergine, tahini, the flavours and colours are amazing and I highly recommend checking it out. I also love a cocktail there as well.

What are the ingredients to make your perfect day?
It has to be our lovely little Cockapoo Sunny and Luna, I love going out on a walk with them. And also, being around good people, good vibes and good food. Definitely.

Chocolate or Peanut Butter?
Peanut Butter. I am not a massive fan of dairy chocolate but if it’s our Lucy Bee Cacao then I love it, but it has to be Peanut Butter.

Which books have influenced your growth most?
That’s a tricky one. I’m not a massive book reader but I love blogs and listening to podcasts, probably a few books along the way but I haven’t got a particular one, sorry.

What are you most excited about for 2019?
For the Lucy Bee skincare range! We launched in December, completely sold out, and I’ve since changed manufacturers and the whole range is beautiful. It’s COSMOS Organic, Vegan, Fair Trade, Cruelty Free, it’s packaged in glass and it’s so beautiful! I cannot wait for it to come out again and the really exciting times ahead. It’s my passion and my love so watch this space!

 Thank you again Lucy for your precious time and for letting us know better the brave & inspiring woman you are!



Our ethos is to create healthier decadent treats, and our mission is to do this with natural ingredients. We’re passionate about MiiRO being refined sugar free, so let’s break down the importance of this for you and why you should ditch the refined stuff.

Understanding Sugars
A typical ice cream contains either refined sugar (which comes from sugar canes that need to be heavily processed to extract the sugar) or more often a high-fructose corn syrup which is a chemically produced sugar. Both have no nutritional value and are instead just empty calories.
When a product is “refined sugar free” however, this means that only natural sugars have been used. Unlike the chemically produced and sugar cane versions described above, this natural alternative uses fruits as its source of sweetness. Foods with natural sugar play an important role in our diets as they provide essential nutrients that keep the body healthy and prevent disease.

The Difference on the Body
Refined sugar is rapidly broken down when consumed. This has a negative effect on the body as it causes blood sugar levels to artificially skyrocket. When this process occurs your pancreas kicks into gear and releases insulin in an attempt to balance out your blood sugar levels. This inevitably leads to the dreaded sugar crash, whereby your momentary boost is replaced by a more lasting slump. To top it off, refined sugar is broken down and digested so quickly that the body does not feel full or satisfied.

Our Ingredients
We use coconut sugar and Italian grapes to sweeten our ice cream naturally. Coconut sugar and grapes have a lower glycemic index (GI of 54 and 53 respectively), compared to refined cane sugar (GI of 60). Food with low GI values are digested and metabolised at a slower rate, prompting smaller fluctuations in blood glucose and insulin levels. Coconuts and grapes both also contain nutrients, unlike refined sugar, such as minerals and antioxidants.

It is important to not let sugar become the enemy. No one nutrient is the devil, it is all about high quality sources and balance. When in doubt, look no further than nature’s treats; like juicy fruits and heavenly nut butters which are all naturally sweet.




If you’re tuned into the wellness movement then you’ll be aware that we are all being prescribed 10 minutes of daily meditation, to help combat the stressors of daily life. To keep us sane we may start our day with coffee and end it with ice cream but taking just 10 minutes out will truly transform your day. We understand that not everyone always has a MiiRO ice cream handy at all times to soothe your soul, so we looked into a solution that would always be available to you. Here at the office we’ve started incorporating this into our day by pausing before lunch, and we’ve already noticed benefits.

You may have reserved meditation for only those who burn incense, or maybe you’ve already dabbled with the Headspace app but it hasn’t quite stuck, or perhaps you’ve kept meditation in your periphery and you’re open to the idea of trying something new. Either way, be kind to yourself and try adding meditation to your daily routine. It requires zero specialist equipment or space and it’s free. Ice cream may be cheaper than therapy, but meditation is cheaper still.

If you’re not sure meditation is for you or need a recap, here’s a brief summary of why meditation could be the life changing habit you need to take on.

1. Meditation is the one known use of time which actually refunds your time back to you. Not only can it make you more productive, a study by the International Journal of Neuroscience found that meditation drastically reduces your biological age (how old you seem). The study found that people who started meditating when they’re 30, reduced their biological age to 23 by the time they were 35. Whereas those who did not mediate had a biological age of 36. Thank goodness we’re only as old as we feel!

2. Focussing your attention during meditation helps increase the strength and endurance of the mind. Whilst we’re on the topic of shocking statistics, did you know on average we spend 47% of our time lost in thought?! That’s almost half our life that we aren’t engaged with. Attention span is becoming an increasing issue, due to the constant stream of information both at our finger tips and being bombarded at us in all other directions. With meditation, you can reorient and maintain your attention. This links to discipline and willpower, also allowing you to redirect triggers of unwanted habits or cravings. (See our Mindfulness blog post for more details on this.)

3. Meditation has been found to help reduce anxiety; both symptoms of an anxiety disorder and job-related anxiety in high pressure work environments. Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation. Cortisol (the stress hormone) affects sleep, promotes depression and anxiety along with increasing blood pressure. So, we’re all looking to reduce our cortisol levels for a happier and healthier life.

4. Studies have also shown that participants who meditate fall asleep sooner and stay asleep for longer. The blissful idea of quality sleep can be brought on by controlling spiralling thoughts and the release of tension in our body.

5. Self-image can also be improved by meditation as it promotes a positive outlook on life. One area of life that can be universally useful to improve is the enhancement of self-awareness. By developing a stronger understanding of yourself, it gives you the tools to grow into your best self.

Don’t Know Where To Start?
Take 10 minutes out each day to step back and familiarise yourself with the present moment. Your overall aim is to experience a greater sense of focus, calm and clarity in your life. Being present is not easy. Your attention typically gets diverted after around 5 seconds and supressing the wondering thoughts only makes you think about it more. It is a myth that you are only meditating successfully when your mind is still, so do not beat yourself up about your mind naturally wandering. When you get diverted, gently bring your focus back to your breathing. Be patient, allow yourself 10 minutes a day to cultivate your inner peace and happiness, which in turn will ripple out and impact your life.
Remember: What you practice grows stronger.

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.
— Abraham Lincoln



At MiiRO, we love using our ice cream eating time as a time to wonder 💆‍♀️. So much so, we based our company name on it (Miro = latin “to wonder!”). When we take the time to both enjoy and focus our attention on our ice cream, we found it even more mood boosting than usual. We’ve done some research and we’re not alone. Mindfulness is a hot topic right now, so we’ve compiled the very best and most effective ways to infuse your day with mindfulness; to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness exercises are a way to pay attention to the present moment. As well as yoga and meditation, there are also breathing techniques and tips that will help you become aware of sensations instead of being overwhelmed. So, in short you’ll feel less frazzled by the end of your day- WIN! We could all do with going a little easier on ourselves. So why not try these tips to look after your mind as well as your body?

1. Sparing ONE Minute
This can be done anytime you feel lost, confused or frustrated, so you may have to do this frequently and that is ok. Set a timer on your phone and allow yourself one minute to focus entirely on your breathing. If you feel your mind wander, simply drop that thought and bring your attention back, using your breath as the anchor.
Note: This is an excellent way to reduce your levels of stress or aggravation.
Mantra: “Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance.” Unknown

2. Eating Mindfully
This requires you to turn off all distractions (yes that includes your smartphone, headphones and computer screen) to allow you to focus on the present and eat with awareness. Do this by paying attention to taste, texture, smell and eating slowly. Slowing down and taking in the moment has been shown to aid a healthier body. So when you next pick up your MiiRO, enjoy the sensation of your tongue warming up the ice cream and be present. We’ve done the portion control for you so you can focus on the good stuff.
Tip: When eating your main meals, wait until you’ve swallowed before you pick up for fork for the next bite. This will insert an air of calm into your mindful moment, by bringing new life and energy into your day.
Mantra: “When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” – Jean Shinoda Bolen

3. Urge Surfing
This is a mindfulness technique used to help with any destructive impulses or cravings. Instead of supressing these feelings which usually feeds the urges, try observing the nature of the urge and notice the physical sensations, such as tension or irritability. Cravings will change, crest and subside like a wave (hence urge surfing), the key is to notice how the experience affects the body with interest and remain present for at least 1 minute. Don’t forget that urges do weaken and subside, knowing this will help you to continue to surf the impulses that you feel, especially in response to your personal triggers (like messaging an ex or other unhealthy cravings.)
Mantra: “Self-discipline is self-caring” – M. Scott Peck

Little changes to your day to day life can take you out of auto-pilot mode and take back your attention. So let’s engage our mindfulness and miss less of the good and sweet things in life!